Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will you be my DIY? 2012

I thought I would revisit the "Will you be my DIY?" post and share my favorite DIYs and tutorials for Valentine's Day 2012.
Hope you enjoy.

1. Crunch Photo Valentine- I love this variation on the lolipop photo valentine by Andrea.

2. Photo bookmark- I can see both Grandmas using this bookmark by Suzonne for years to come!

3. I'm a sucker for Super Heros. No pun intended.. Thanks for this awesome idea Zakka Life.

4. This is literally the cutest thing EVER. You open the hand and he's blowing kisses. TOO CUTE!
Check out the tutorial here.

5. I am very pro any valentine that doesn't include candy. This is a great idea! You can be the healthy mom, but still be a cool a mom. Thanks for the idea, Bree!
6. These are super cute arrows. Though I am imagining them done as Pixy Sticks. Which I think would make them even awesomer. Here's the fancy pants tutorial.

7. An Airplane! Come on now. That's awesome. Way-to-go Disney.

8. I had to include the Lolipop gang. Props to this mom, since it's one of the only ones I've seen where the kids are actually smiling!

9. HOLY CUTENESS! Hershey's Robots! I LOVE THEM! Thanks Reagan!

10. This one is especially sweet to me because my dad used to call me Pooh Bear and Honey Bunny, because I LOVED honey and.... I still do!  Thanks for the template Calli!

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