Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Activity Board!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we created an activity board for Lucas for Christmas!
After watching him play we made a few changes. We added a door knocker, a drain spout, and painted it with chalkboard paint!
His favorite part is the springs that stick out at the top. We simply attached them with screws.

He also loves the top door that opens to a mirror. He always greets his reflection with an enthusiastic "HI!!"
The drain was a great addition. He loves anything that functions like a steering wheel.
What is included:
2 doors
One with crinkly shiny wrapping paper behind it (leftover from Christmas)
The other with a mirror (from one of his old baby toys)
3 door locks
1 hook lock
1 latch lock
1 chain lock
1 light switch
1 door knocker
4 caster wheels to SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!
4 Springs to BOING!
One pulley to pull a string through

The board is made of two sheets a plywood attached together. We screwed them together so we could take them apart easily if we ever wanted to add anything else.
The two boards allowed us to open the doors and not have wall behind.
We made the doors by drilling small circular holes in each corner of a drawn square.
Then we could place a saw into the holes as starting points for each cut without losing our square to make the door itself.
As finishing touches we used a router along all the edges, primed with grey primer, and used chalkboard spraypaint.

Our son is involved with Early Intervention because of his heart condition. The supervisor was highly impressed and said this was excellent for developing gross and fine motor skills.
So we got a very big seal of approval!
Lucas absolutely LOVES it!

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