Friday, January 29, 2010

52 reasons

52 Reasons Why I Love You!
I completed my own version of "52 Reasons Why I Love You" posted here. It was so much fun to make. After 4 years of marriage I had no trouble coming up with 52 reasons why I love my husband. I actually had a bunch more, but ran out of cards!

You're fun to hang around withYou are always the life of the Party!You wear the clothes I buy you
I definately had too much fun making these. "You're the Life of the Party" is from our Birthday party Pig Roast 2 years ago. My brother-in-law started playing with tinfoil and making hats representing chess pieces. We were also delivered a giant hoola-hoop as a birthday present. This was supposed to be the "serious" shot. Bill is of course the one on the left. As you can see, we have fun. I just love the final photo "You wear the clothes I buy you." I found this for the invites for our Crazy Christmas Sweater get together this year, and I just couldn't help using it again.
You say fustrated Instead of FRustrated You ListenYou give Good Hugs
These ones speak for themselves.

You Like Chopping Wood for FUN
Bill loves to chop wood. He said his dream life would be to come home every day and chop wood while I made dinner. He did exactly that for the first few months we lived at our new house.
The man loves to chop wood, what can I say.

You Like me JUST as I am   Your ability to CALM me down when I get Out of Control   You help me find my keys DAILY
He puts up with all my insanity. The man is a saint.
I lose everything, and I get a little crazed some times. My brother used to say I am a SPAZ. Bill is the only one who can calm me down.

You Clean the HouseYou cater to my need for CONSTANT connectionYou leave your STINKY shoes OUTSIDE
He also is extremely considerate and thoughtful. I really am the luckiest girl in the world. Often I come home and he has cleaned the whole house and started dinner. He will greet me with, " You sounded stressed on the phone. So I thought this would help."

All in all I have a really amazing husband and am truly blessed to have him as part of my life.
I hope you enjoyed sharing this fun little project with me.  I posted some more of the reasons here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will you be my DIY?

I thought I would share my favorite DIYs and tutorials for Valentine's Day 2010.
Hope you enjoy.
1. Burlap Heart-  I love the simplicity of  this tutorial by Cindy.

2.This book is hysterical and brilliant. I must say, I think I'm inlove.

3. This is also from Cindy. Looks like a fun tutorial for kids. Though you could still be cleaning up the glitter in 2011.

4. For the more sentimental- I love the idea for this " i love you because..." book by Ali. Especially since most men respond well to verbal affirmation, and that is an area where I can always use a little prodding.

5. Oh Martha, you will always make my list. I just love these translucent hearts made with crayons and waxpaper. Brilliantly simple as always.

6. I couldn't resist these fun printable valentines.

7. Lately I like anything that dangles. So these fabulous paper hearts definately met the mark.

8. Here is another dangling delight. This little orb is called "Global Heart-Warming" by Heather.

9. These Soda fountain themed Valentines are fabulous. Not to mention I adore Pixy Sticks, Taffy, M&M's and Sweatheart Candies!

10. Last but not least. I loved this little match box of love, one of Lindsey's creations.

Unexpected Demolition

Yup that's me and yes, I'm smiling. Well.... the plan was to strip the wallpaper in my studio of our new home and give a nice little makeover with some fresh paint.... Somewhere around 1pm on Saturday things took a swift turn to complete demolition mode! We discovered the walls were made of backerboard, then wallpapered, then plastered over the seams, then wallpapered again. Not to mention animals had made nests in all the insulation so that was a mess as well. No wonder it was so hard to heat!
So it was a disaster, but thanks to my AMAZING husband who is also a carpenter and our hard working friends and family, things are progressing quickly. So hopefully I will actually have a studio to work in again VERY soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti!

Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Hello all, I have been busily working to renovate my studio space and couldn't be more excited. It has kept me from sewing and painting, so I have had to muzzle my creative juices for a week and a half! Torture. But we are stripping wall paper on Saturday, so I hope to have everything set up again soon! In the mean time I wanted to inform you all of this exciting cause! I just found out about it today, but hope to donate some items for sale in their next batch.

Craft Hope has set up this etsy store with many handmade items created and donated by some fabulous artists and crafters.

 All the proceeds will go to Doctor's without Borders for their work in Haiti. Keep your eye on this shop, the items for sale are constantly changing. So far they have made over $20K! for this cause through donations and purchases!

If you'd like to donate an item for the shop, you can send an email to Sarah.
Note: It appears they will be closed for donations for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, Jan 21st. So if you are interested in donating check back with their site in 2 weeks. You can also check it out for feedback, mission statement, etc.

Also, Keep an eye on my blog for an upcoming Phoebe purse giveaway after my studio is up and running!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super Kids!

Joseph cape full
I can't believe my nephew is already 3 years old! And there is no doubt that he is a Super Kid!
This year I made him a Super J cape inspired by this website.
Joseph cape close up

And every great Superhero needs a sidekick so Super Monkey (his Christmas gift) should be the perfect partner in the fight against crime.
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Super Monkey- full view w/ mask

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Blast from the Past

 Here are two sculptures I carved our of Alabaster. They were both created while I was studying the process and structure of Jazz music. The first was carved from a stone we drove to New York City to select. It is entitled: Circle of Fifths

The second piece is from a smaller Alabaster stone. This piece is entitled: Delian's Dexterity

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blast from the Past

Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special
5'x4' oil on canvas
framed in luan

I was recently asked where the title Make It Sing! came from. It was actually the title for my senior thesis exhibit. I created seven paintings and two stone carvings based on the sound and theory of Jazz music. My goal was education. People seem to at least appreciate jazz for the most part, but abstract art still has certain phobias attached to it. People feel like they need to "get it" to appreciate it. If they don't, they typically are unable to enjoy it. So I thought if I could use Jazz to explain abstract art then why not! Their principles of structure and variance truly are the foundation for both mediums. It was a great success. We had live jazz music behind a gauze screen in a small studio giving a background to the work. It created an atmosphere where people were comfortable with the work rather than intimidated by it. Nearly all our attendees remained for a full two hours. That was when I found I want to make all my work sing. I want to give it a quality that you want to be around. You want to give a chance. That you want to listen to. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past. 

Gyre & Gimble
Gyre & Gimble
4'x3' oil on canvas
framed in luan

Trading 4s
Trading 4s
2'x6' oil on canvas
framed in luan

Orange Jive

Orange Jive
2'x6' oil on canvas

Tickety Stack, Trawl Crawl, & Tum Tum
all SOLD
each piece 4'x2' oil on masonite

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