Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Braided Infinity

For Christmas I also wanted to make a "younger" looking scarf for my two sister-in-laws.
I came across a braided scarf tutorial on pinterest and got to work. Unfortunately the tutorial had me literally pulling my hair out, so I thought I would post my own tutorial that addresses some of the issues and allows for a more polished result.

Again, I wanted to make two scarves from the same fabric so I simply cut it in half width wise. This left me with four 11"x 36" strips.
The pink scarf above was made from some leftover spandexy, velvety fabric I had lying around. I fudged around an just made a width and length I felt comfortable with. You can also use two medium sized t-shirts.
The green scarf below was made from standard cotton fabric from JoAnns.

Braided Infinity Scarf Tutorial
Take two pieces of fabric and sew them (right sides together) to make a tube. I used 1/4" seams. Leave about a two inches untouched on either end.

Do this again using the other two pieces of fabric.

Turn both tubes right side out.

Take a random strip of fabric and tie the ends of the two tubes together. Now you will have two circles.

You are now ready for your knot.
The knot was VERY confusing to figure out. I actually got my husband's help and practiced on two pieces of string.
Hopefully, I can describe it clearly.

Knotting the Scarf

Put the knotted end of circle A through the unknotted end of circle B
Then take the knotted end of circle A and pull it up on top of the unknotted end of circle A.
Now take the knotted end of circle B and put that through the center of everything (where the arrow is)
Now pull each knotted end.

It should end up looking like this:

Closing the Scarf 
 I left side openings on each tube like below:
 please ignore the tulle inside the tubes, I tried it for extra volume, but it didn't look good.

 I then sewed the ends of each tube together. Matching right sides together.

It's fairly awkward to pin together and sew, but ends up with the best result.

Then you have a finished seam across the scarf. All you have left is to pin up the sides and hand stitch them.

Good Luck!!

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