Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Thursday- Let's make Owl Cupcakes!

Owl Cupcakes

Dairy Free Fun Owl Cupcakes

I've been day dreaming about cupcakes for 2 days. So when I saw these little guys I thought it would make the perfect activity for a Thursday night with my husband.
I made Wacky Chocolate Cake cupcakes. This is an old family recipe that I was thrilled to find doesn't have any dairy products in it, as sadly my body does not like anything remotely dairy.
If you haven't tried this recipe before it will become your biggest life savor. If you forgot the eggs and ran out of milk. You can still make the cupcakes for Johnny's preschool class without leaving the house.
The twins
Then you will need Oreos which are also DAIRY FREE! We used Double Stuff.

Don't jump guys!
Then you can really use anything for the nose and eyes. We used Skittles and stuck them on with extra frosting.

Who! Who!
If you do have dairy allergies in the family Pillsbury frosting will become your new best friend. That's right. No dairy products in their chocolate frosting. mmm..
The eye brows are frosted pieces of the oreo cookie tops.

The sleepless night owls
Bill made some Sleepless Night Owls.
We couldn't bare to eat any of them. So I think we'll both take some to work tomorrow.

Owl family

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Look Back

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to look back to the past nearly five years of  my non-stop laughter filled marriage to my husband, Bill.
Hope you enjoy these fun shots of us just being ourselves and loving every minute of it. 
Please note: We are suckers for theme parties.

Monday, February 8, 2010

An Inspiring Saturday

I had a lovely day with an old family friend on Saturday. I met up with Leslie at her beautiful home around noon. Her studio is filled with so many tactile objects from dried flowers, to jars of lady bugs, mushrooms, and endless other found natural objects. You can tell by her studio that she is an artist who connects to her work through physical touch. She had planned a day filled with textures and colors. We both had to touch everything we saw. After briefly setting up an Etsy account for her we scurried off to Tower Hill to view some indoor gardens. Flowers in February! Nothing could make me happier.
After Tower Hill we headed over to an amazing fabric store in Hudson, MA. I was just going to observe... but they were having a one day sale of 20% off all fabrics including remnants.... soooooo.. What can a girl do.
Embroidered fabric 3
I am very excited for this fabric. I have quite a bit of it and will definately make a few Phoebe bags from it that will be for sale on Etsy. I still have to find its complementary fabric. I hope to find something stripy.

This is a very sturdy cotton blend. It will make a great rugged Phoebe bag.

This fabric will be a messenger bag for myself using this tutorial. I can't stop touching this fabric. It's so lush and textural.

Below the fabric store was a fun antique store that had boxes of fat quarters priced at 4 for $1. So in the 3 minutes before closing time I found a couple keepers to add to my expanding fabric collection.

Sample fabric 1
What a wonderful day filled with inspiration and good company.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inbox happiness

Today I opened my inbox to find a picture of my nephew sporting his new cape and holding Super Monkey in his arms. This picture completely made my day. I also found that Super Monkey is posted on Made by Rae's blog under Celebrate the BOY month! She also posted many other fun crafts/ projects for boys.
So be sure to take a look.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coming Soon!



I adore all these new fresh and bold prints, that I picked up on my last fabric run.
So here is your sneak peak of the fabrics  I chose for my first purses that will be for sale on Etsy. Including 1 that will be part of a free GIVE-A-WAY to a lucky follower. So make sure to keep an eye on my blog. I am getting very excited. I hope you are too!
Curtain fabric for the Studio
I thought I would also share with you the Ikea fabric that inspired the look for my new studio. This fabric will soon be my new curtains!

Studio drawers
And that Ikea fabric inspired the look for these Ikea drawers. This process is so easy. Just take rubber cement and some scrapbooking paper, cut to size, and glue on. Voila!
I can't wait to put them in their new home.
Painting is done in the studio. All we need to do is trim and lighting.

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