Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will you be my DIY?

I thought I would share my favorite DIYs and tutorials for Valentine's Day 2010.
Hope you enjoy.
1. Burlap Heart-  I love the simplicity of  this tutorial by Cindy.

2.This book is hysterical and brilliant. I must say, I think I'm inlove.

3. This is also from Cindy. Looks like a fun tutorial for kids. Though you could still be cleaning up the glitter in 2011.

4. For the more sentimental- I love the idea for this " i love you because..." book by Ali. Especially since most men respond well to verbal affirmation, and that is an area where I can always use a little prodding.

5. Oh Martha, you will always make my list. I just love these translucent hearts made with crayons and waxpaper. Brilliantly simple as always.

6. I couldn't resist these fun printable valentines.

7. Lately I like anything that dangles. So these fabulous paper hearts definately met the mark.

8. Here is another dangling delight. This little orb is called "Global Heart-Warming" by Heather.

9. These Soda fountain themed Valentines are fabulous. Not to mention I adore Pixy Sticks, Taffy, M&M's and Sweatheart Candies!

10. Last but not least. I loved this little match box of love, one of Lindsey's creations.


  1. Thank you for this, I don't celebrate v-day but, these will be cool to use for a kids party - love the ice cream sodas.

  2. On your soda fountain theme, how did you keep the taffy pieces all together? Did you glue them together and put them on top??

  3. Sorry the link to the tutorial was broken!
    The trick is to use a foam ball cut in half. Then you can use scotch tape or dots of hot glue to attach them!
    Here is a functioning link for the same project: http://www.karaspartyideas.com/2011/01/soda-shoppe-valentines-favor-tutorial.html


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