Friday, January 1, 2010

Monkey Mania!

It's a Boy! I'd like you to meet Mikey Monkey. I made him for our friend's future son who was born the night before New Year's Eve! I hope little William Christopher enjoys his new friend Mikey.
I actually made Mikey before this pattern was available so I had to come up with my own pattern based on the available photos.
I love his little Newsboy hat and tie.

I also have made 2 Molly Monkey's using this free Molly Monkey Pattern. One was for my niece and the other was for a friend's granddaughter, both used the same material. I highly recommend taking this pattern for a spin. Just make sure to follow the add on instructions to not stuff the arms and legs until you have sewn the body together, otherwise you may pull your hair out trying to sew the body up with stuffed arms and legs sticking out every which way.

I couldn't find plain brown corduroy at Jo-Ann's, but I did find a brown corduroy with green polka-dots which ended up being absolutely perfect for these fashion forward little girl monkeys.

I just love her little beret!

And her lovely little Mary Janes!

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