Saturday, December 26, 2009

Super Monkey!

Introducing Super Monkey!

I made Super Monkey as a gift for my nearly 3 year old nephew this year for Christmas.

For this monkey I used this fantastic pattern and added my own pattern for a cape and mask.
The cape and mask are detachable so he can conceal his super powers by day.

The cape design was inspired by these special order handmade capes.
I loved how she chose to layer felt for the emblem on the back and how she uses a colorful lining. I used interfacing to give the cape a ridged (in flight) feel. The cape easily goes on with Velcro. The mask is made of sparkly felt and goes on easily with black elastic.

My favorite item is the Converse style shoes from the original pattern, vital to any superhero ensemble.


  1. i saw this on made by rae. soooo awesome! i made molly for my nieces and boy ones for my boys but they weren't dressed or accessorized. i love your version. i might do this for my sons birthday later this month.

  2. Thanks "the mama monster". I love your name and your blog is really fun! I didn't know Made by Rae linked to me so thanks for the heads up! I was so excited. Good luck making a Super Monkey, it was so fun and easy. If you want patterns for the mask and cape let me know. They were really simple so I'm sure you won't have trouble.

  3. I love your super monkey, and would love to get the patterns for the mask and cape, if you have them. I'm making a Mikey Monkey for my son's 4th birthday, and I think he would love the superhero outfit as well as the pirate outfit that comes with the Mikey Monkey-pattern. Kind regards, Anne Jarvad, email:

  4. I saw your super monkey on flickr and I LOVE it!

    I'm making the monkeys for my 2 boys and one is getting the pirate and it would be perfect if the other got a superhero. Thanks for the great idea! Any chance you would mind sharing your cape and mask pattern?


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