Friday, December 18, 2009

Magic and Faith? What Christians can Learn from Santa.

I was asked to write an article for Women's Spiritual Dynamics. It is now posted on their website!
I designed the image above for the article posting. Greeting Cards of the image are available on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy the article and pass it around to share with others the TRUE magic of this Christmas season. I'd like to share a personal note regarding the article publication. Today marks 1 year and 2 days since my Grandpa went to be with the Lord. He was a writer. Not the published type, but the journaling type. When I graduated high school he gave me a simple composition note book. He wrote in the front a lovely little note encouraging me to pour all my thoughts onto the following pages. Now, I am the type of snobbish "writer" who likes to pour out my soul in a smoothly bound leather journal preferably purchased in Italy with thick handmade paper pages, so though the implement was never utilized, the sentiment was. I journaled all through college almost daily. I would share excerpts with him and he would share excerpts from his composition note book written when he was 19 years old. I still have a hard time considering myself a writer, but when I was asked to write a few articles for Women's Spiritual dynamics as their "resident" Art and Faith specialist, the words somehow just flowed. I can't think of a greater way to honor my Grandfather then to have this article published today.

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