Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Killin' it in the Kitchen

I am aware this isn't a cooking blog. Also, this isn't a 'being a mom' blog. However, being a mom does require a great deal of creativity and cooking! This creativity isn't always spun from a new innovative idea either. Sometimes the best ideas are the most tried and true. So I wanted to share this big, exciting, innovative, and NOT new idea with you all, because I'm hoping it will change my life or at least my week.
So here it is.
12 meals, 6 bags, 3 recipes, 1 hour
The idea is to take 3 recipes, double them, put them in freezer bags, freeze, thaw, slow cook in a crock pot, and eat. 
I found this idea on pinterest. (are you seeing a theme?)
I then followed the tutorials and recipes on this blog.

I added fresh broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots to the French Beef Dip and I substituted a frozen stir fry mix and some peas for the spinach in the Orange Beef Stew.I wanted to make sure we all got our veggies!!

It took me about an hour to do all the chopping and assembling and I couldn't be more excited to see my full freezer! The 'Slap Chop' came in quite handy. (Actually I have the Pampered Chef version, but we like to pretend it's the more ghetto and excitingly silly Slap Chop.)

Bill came home and was drooling over the bags wondering if we really had to freeze them or if we could start cooking them right away! We'll be sure to follow up with how we enjoy them and even more importantly how the little man likes them!

Oh yes, and we finished the rocking chair. Good as new!

What creative solutions have you come up with in the kitchen? Have you found any out of the box solutions to solve your own household time management issues?


  1. this is so awesome! I need to try and find vegan versions that I can do this with! I'm very impressed!

  2. Sounds delicious! I've been cooking a lot of my Mom's recipes lately (that I grew up with), but her portions are for a family of 4 (with intended leftovers), which means Andy and I can't keep up with the extras. I resorted to pretty much the same solution- we have bags of turkey enchiladas, bean casserole, and corn chowder in our freezer waiting for that rainy day when I don't feel like cooking and Kashi freezer pizza (our favorite quick meal) just won't cut it.

  3. Let us know how they taste. I saw the same pin on pinterest awhile back but it was her first round of recipes. These look better to me. BTW..have you read her blog at all? She ate her placenta. Maybe she has a crockpot recipe for that;)

  4. Thanks Heather! I was happy to see these didn't have dairy. Some other recipes called for tapioca.. hoping that doesn't have dairy or I can find a substitute! I'm excited to see what you come up with for the Vegan menu.

    Janelle- I'd love some of those family recipes they sound delicious!

    Casey- There are no words. I'm terrified. I threw up a little in my mouth. They asked if I wanted to look at mine. Bill answered for me and said 'NO she doesn't.' They asked again and he said 'NO! She doesn't.' The third time he said 'NO! REALLY! SHE DOESN'T!' I'm so glad I have Bill to protect me from viewing horrible things. If God wanted me to see that he wouldn't have put my eyes on the top of my head. ;)

  5. haha. I was pretty horrified when I read it, but the worst part was when I read the comments and people were all about it.

  6. I didn't know people did that. I think I'm going to have nightmares.


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