Monday, July 26, 2010


We are starting to work on the nursery for our new addition. Since, I can't paint or sand his "new to us" dresser, etc. I have to keep myself occupied in other ways. So I decided to make a mobile. My mom started making me a quilt a long time ago. She picked out every piece of fabric to represent my favorite things about this world. Everything from the ocean, dragon flies, fish, to polka dots representing sand and other fabrics representing the woods, lakes and streams I love so much. She pulled it out again just around the time I found out I was pregnant. I convinced her to finish it for the baby. I loved the gender neutral colors of greens, blues, teals, purples, yellows, and browns. The colors are so brilliant and graphic that they will be perfect for the little one on the way. So that was the original inspiration for the room. Then I found these.
These amazing little owl prints were so perfect. They are unique, spunky, and gender neutral.
So this inspired me to make my owl mobile.
First I gathered some inspirations. These little guys were a great start, but I felt like they looked a little too much like penguins. So I made my own little pattern:

I grabbed some thinner fleece fabric, some felts, and some chenille for his back and wings.
Here are 3 more of his friends who are in the works.

When I finish them up I'll be sure to make the pattern available.

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