Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm back in Action!

Thanks to Ikea and my talented husband I have an amazing new work space! 
You can see where we started from here.

For the first week. That comfy chair got the most work out. We found that the afternoon light floods into these windows, which quickly became a prime napping local for myself and our two cats.

I still have to hang my inspirations and magnetic boards up and sew the curtains, but that will come in time. Right now I'm doing the most important thing... sewing. I have 6 purses in progress. 5 will be for sale on Etsy and 1 will be given as a free give-a-way! I showed a sneak peak of the fabrics here.
And you can see the look of the bags on this post.
My Etsy account is also getting an overhaul. I'm switching everything to www.makeitsing.etsy.com which will hopefully be more convenient and once everything is up I'll be having a sale. So keep posted.
I love my new work desk and the sewing table is absolutely perfect. I've been photographing birds all winter and spring and have some great reference photos accumulated for some new watercolors. The now blooming flowers are always inspirations, as well! So I can't wait to paint at my new desk, but one thing at a time.
 I have great storage and we painted the doors with chalk board paint which has already been great fun for my husband and I, currently they are covered with little ridiculous drawings and inside jokes. Hope you enjoy this peak into my new world!


  1. What you did here was a total transformation, Rebekah! And the storage takes the cake too! This is the kind of office you'd really want to hang around in and enjoy doing stuff.

  2. Thanks Tanisha! I'm in it right now! Now that I have become a work from home mom, it has made an amazing office. We FINALLY finished the curtains. I just have a few more buttons to sew on and they will be up! I can't wait to take pictures and post them! thanks for looking!


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